Monday, June 7, 2010

One of the Good Ones

7/7/10 Edit

Despicable Me will be in theaters in a mere two days (July 9th) and by this time there has been a lot more promotion for the film than when I saw the screening about a month ago (which makes sense). Minion posters and commercials are everywhere. Therefore, my comment about the less you know the better in the blog post below doesn't apply anymore. By now, most people are familiar with the phrase "It's so fluffy!" and if you aren't then it's even more of a reason to see the film. =)

On Thursday my job received a special package: a stack of passes to see a free advanced screening of Despicable Me and instructions stating distribute to employees. Ahh perks. =) Why turn down a free movie? Especially a 3D one! (the 3D trend is super pricey). I picked up two "admit two" passes to hand over to my family since I was scheduled for a photoshoot that was to take place at the same time as the screening: Saturday June 5th at 10 a.m. The shoot got cancelled due to threats of thunderstorms and my mom wasn't feeling well as of that morning so I was able to attend the screening and I'm extremely grateful. I took these turns of events as a sign that Despicable Me was not a movie to be missed. So on point.

Hilarious!Honestly, I wasn't that excited to go see this animated film. I had a vague idea of the plot: two villains fighting each other. Yes, that is actually the basis of the movie but I thought that was all it would be. Not at all! Despicable Me is a silly action packed movie full of heart. The film explores the themes of choosing between a career and a relationship and comprising one's self for love (in a positive way). It's mostly about an unexpected bond. The moral of the story is presented with the right amount of comedy, action, and emotion. Gru, the main character, learns a lot from three little girls - you will be amazed by how adorable Agnes is! The little yellow minions that flood the film are obsessively cute as well. Despicable Me provides endless laughs and memorable characters. It’s engaging throughout. This movie is abundantly random in the best way possible - every detail incites a giggle. No specific mention of favorite moments here - I’m not into giving spoilers ; ) All you need to know: you WILL laugh. While I believe you should have some kind of idea about a movie you are going to see, I suggest walking into this film knowing less. I’m a fan of shock value. Go ahead and enjoy inevitable promotional movie clips but be confident that the film has plenty of surprises. Is it worth being in 3D? I don’t know. I do think it’s a nice way to further immerse the viewer in the fictional world being presented to them, makes for a stronger experience. Lastly, the movie restored my faith in the quality of kid targeted animated films. All smiles.

Ooh take note of this! Listen up for these celeb voices: Steve Carell, Jason Segel, Russell Brand, Kristen Wiig, and Miranda Cosgrove ... to name a few.

Despicable Me is amazing.
See it in theaters July 9th!

Fun Stuff: Official Movie Site

Fun with the display in front of the theater.
I wish I could have an inflatable minion!

SideNote: The AMC Lincoln Square theater on 68th street holds many advanced screenings. I've been to a bunch there already including 17 Again, Confessions of a Shopaholic,and I Love You Beth Cooper. Pro: not too crowded Con: the seats are only slightly leveled so heads can block your view.

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  1. Thank you for starting this blog
    I am going to get tickets for my niece to take her best friend
    It looks great

    I hope that you have a lovely summer

  2. Awesome! Can't wait to see this :) The minions are adorable!

  3. sounds interesting have to watch it , thanks for information friend

    have a great weekend

  4. Can't wait to check it out! Just came over from Audrey Allure, lovely little world, and I'm your newest follower! xo!

  5. Great review. Looks like a fun time.


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