Thursday, June 24, 2010

CafePress Appreciation

I noticed my friend had an event called "T-shirt Day New York City" posted on her Facebook and it caught my attention (I love t-shirts!) I read the details and discovered I could receive any t-shirt of my choice from CafePress for free! All I had to do was browse the assortment of tees on the site (or use the option to design my own), add one to my cart, save, then forward the order to the email listed (instructions here) The order had to be submitted by June 14th and I didn't know about the deal until around 11pm on the 13th, just in time to meet the deadline! My last name is Berry, as you know, and I like to use strawberries as my icon (people really remember me for it) - they are tasty and aesthetic. I typed "strawberries" into the search bar and was impressed by the selection. Actually, I was impressed by the selection of shirts for any keyword. After a couple of moments of debate, I chose a white tee with a huge (artsy) strawberry on it. From the brief exploring I did on the website, I'm confident that CafePress has a tee to meet anyone's desires (and if not they can customize). I picked up my tee this past Monday June 21st at the t-shirt event (from 6-8pm) in the bar Sweet and Vicious, located at 5 Spring Street. Upon walking in, there was a sign-in table and boxes of tees besides it. All I had to do was say my name to claim my t-shirt.

My original plan was to get my t-shirt and leave but my friend (bestie from middle school that I haven't seen for a couple of years) was waiting to meet up with her sister so I decided to stick around. The event included free sweet treats: chocolate chip cookies, brownies -brown sugar & pecans-, sugar cookies, and rice crispys. Alongside the snacks, laid out on tables, were free t-shirt day pins. There was a photo station set up equipped with tacky props (such as a sequins pink cowboy hat and a rainbow feather boa) for anyone willing to pose wearing their new tee. Outside of the bar, in the back, there was a crowd waiting to get their t-shirts altered.

All around the bar there were various t-shirts decorating the walls.

At first the venue wasn't too full but as time went on more and more people showed up. There was a DJ and drinks and mingling filled the atmosphere.

I left at 7 content.

(All photo creds to me)

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  1. I love this blog, I had no clue about this event. It looks liek it was a lot of fun!


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