Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lifetime at Last Looks

On Friday (the 11th) I was a beauty model for Last Looks Make-up Academy for the fifth time. I've been working with them since August 2008. Originally, I found the opportunity to model for them through a casting posted on Model Mayhem (my profile). Since then, I've just been called back every time they have a NYC gig. I'm pretty sure my relationship with Last Looks with sustain for years to come. Last Looks Make-up Academy is a make-up school with classes available in several major cities throughout the US (check the site for more info + MM Account). The company travels between cities so the classes they offer take place in a hotel. I model for "Portfolio Beauty Week." The way it works is students have make-up classes for a week from 9-6 each day and they end the course by completing 4 different make-up looks (5 max) on 4 different models. The looks consist of mostly natural, 50s, or super glam. Each model is photographed and a disk of photos is mailed to both the make-up artist and model in a matter of weeks. The hotel this usually takes place in is the Affinia on 7th avenue and 31st street (right across from Pen Station).

The duration of the portfolio class is also from 9-6. Artists and models get an hour break once two looks have been completed.

(I didn't get my break until 2 because the people doing my make-up took their sweet time. I went to the Dunkin Donuts right downstairs and got a hot chocolate to warm me up. I used my shades to hide the make-up.)

The process of events is a student chooses which model he or she wishes to work with, does the model's make-up, asks the teacher to evaluate it, makes corrections/additions/improvements if need be, hands the model over to get their hair done by the teacher, and sends the model to get photographed. The student then proceeds to clean up their station and the model goes to clean up their face and then both participants get ready for the next round.

(Make-up station.)

Each model is paid $60 (in a check given to them before they leave) and is only required to bring a strapless top... and a good attitude! The teacher I've had the pleasure to be in the presence of time and time again (except for the first time and I don't remember who was the teacher then) is Mitch Ely (his site bio, note that he has shaggy hair now). He is a funny easygoing guy who definitely knows his stuff. The photographer I was shot by every time (except recently) is Andrea Thompson (Impressive , MM Account) . She is super bubbly and chilled out. Last Looks offers a relaxed fun environment to be in. Everyone is friendly and professional. Mitch usually plays music, everyone has conversations with one another, and there are laughs here and there. I always have a good time with Last Looks and that's mainly why I keep coming back. This was my fourth time modeling for Portfolio Week. I also worked with Last Looks for a class on make-up for TV and Film. I was the only model present for that class (which was small) and there were no photos taken - the students were just practicing. It was still a 9-6 shift with the same pay rate. Mitch was the teacher of course. The class I just modeled for was small and consisted of 7 students. Since the class was small, the portfolio session took place in a little suite all the way up on the 26th floor. The photographer was Richard Cordero (his stuff, MM Account) and the shoot took place on the balcony!

(Looking over the city.)

(In and out of the room onto the balcony to shoot.)

(Photog doin' his thing. The model is wearing a wig.)

(Dramatic look in super sunlight.)

That was a refreshing change because every other time I've worked with Last Looks the shoot was inside the suite with different colored backgrounds. I'm excited to be receiving beauty shots with natural lighting!

(Didn't realize I still had my camera on zoom and got his nice eye shot.)

This photographer was definitely a nice guy and focused with direction. For these classes I always worry that I don't switch up my facial expressions enough but the main point is to show off the make-up so it doesn't really matter. (Side-note: Above all categories I would really like to be a prof. beauty model. I have the eyes, lips, and skin for it!) I get to show off a lot of the same make-up. I'm not fond of the repetition but I'm just destined to attract classic red lips, winged liner, and make-up that makes me look straight up like a doll. No doubt I embrace what I'm given but one day I'm praying for some color. I want neon eye day! I love modeling for Last Looks but it's tiring (I almost fall asleep while getting my make-up done because I had to wake up at 7am) and I absolutely despise washing my face, it hurts after a while. It never fails that all of us models bonds in the bathroom over the rawness of our skin as we wash off the makeup. It also sucks how cold it gets in the room with the AC - I haven't learned my lesson to bring a warm sweater. I only endure these trials I face as a make-up model a few times a year as I work with Last Looks every couple of months. I had a lovely time this past Friday and didn’t expect anything less. Shout out to Gregory Salavas for always booking me!

Looks for the Day (I only had to do 3, yay!) :

(End of day: I cleaned off the heavy shadow, left the white shimmer, added more liner, and was on my way.)

(--all photo creds to me--)

To Possible Future Make-up Artists, My Sincere Mini Promotion:
Last Looks Make-up Academy is super legit! I don't know how much their classes are but they are definitely worth it because the teachers and photographers have been in the business for years. The photos we receive for our portfolios (we as in the artists and models) are GORGEOUS and definitely useful. If you are interested in make-up artistry I suggest you check em out.

Past Picks (some of the photos/looks from the 3 other portfolio beauty weeks I modeled for) :

February 2010
August 2009August 2008 (the first and the worst ha....I think retouching was added to the other shoots)


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